Sunrise Herb Shoppe strives to provide the best in holistic health care utilizing traditional and cutting edge natural health supplements.  We specialize in carrying products and making recommendations that we have learned from our experience really work. Our product line includes herbs, vitamins, minerals, enzymes, probiotics, cleansing programs, weight loss programs, water and air purifiers and much more. We strive to provide the most current holistic information to empower everyone to make informed decisions about the best solutions for their health care.


This website provide a wealth of natural health care information.  There is a large collection of articles with detailed knowledge of how to live a healthy lifestyle.  There is an entire section of books we recommend that provide useful knowledge for the care of the human body.  We also offer classes on natural healing at Sunrise Herb Shoppe and for groups in the community that are interested in more information about natural health care.


Terri L. Saunders, Herbalist, Nutritional Consultant, and Certified Natural Health Professional offers 25 years of experience in working with natural health care.  Consultations (in-person or by telephone) are provided for those who wish a detailed holistic health evaluation and personalized natural health program.


Please explore our wide selection of natural health care products which are all carefully selected for their effectiveness and quality.