All of life and all matter is the manifestation of energy in motion.  Even a solid non-living object such as a chair is comprised of atoms in motion, yet this fundamental aspect of our world cannot be seen with the naked eye, and therefore is often neglected.  Energy takes many forms such as light, heat, sound, electricity, magnetism and nuclear reactions.  The natural energies of the earth, sun and stars sustain, energize and renew us.  Without them we could not exist.
Radiation refers to energy moving away from its source in wavelengths along the electromagnetic spectrum.  In the 1800’s Heinrich Hertz discovered that as energy moved along this spectrum it changed or oscillated in cycles per second.  Frequency refers to the measurement of how many cycles per second energy moves along a wavelength, and is measured in “hertz” (Hz).  The shorter the wavelength is, the higher the frequency.
The electromagnetic spectrum is divided into extremely high frequency ionizing radiation at the upper end of the spectrum and nonionizing radiation in the high, medium and lower ranges.  In between these two types of radiation is the visible light spectrum from which we see the colors of the rainbow.   Ionizing radiation consists of very short wavelengths including nuclear radiation and X-rays, which can cause permanent damage to molecular bonds at the cellular level creating cancer or genetic mutation.  Ultraviolet light radiation from fluorescent and incandescent lights, black light devices, mercury-vapor lamps and welding equipment also fall in the ionizing range, as do the gamma rays and cosmic rays from the sun.  Fortunately, the earth’s magnetosphere protects us from absorbing too much of the sun’s rays, yet it cannot protect us from manmade frequencies produced on the earth.
At the bottom of the nonionizing range we find extremely low frequency (ELF) radiation emanating from power generating equipment and household appliances which most often are in the 60 Hz range in the United States, and 50 Hz range in Europe.  Next we have radio waves emanating from communications equipment, televisions, computers, CB radios, and AM/FM transmitters.  These vary from low frequency (LF) to high frequency (HF), very high frequency (VHF), and ultra high frequency (UHF) transmissions.  Moving up the spectrum is the microwave range encompassing the super high (SH) and extremely high (EH) frequencies of MRI equipment, smoke detectors, ultrasound, medical diathermy equipment, radar, microwave ovens, cordless phones and cellular phones.  Cell phones can radiate in the 1200 MHz to 1990 MHz range.   Above that is infrared radiation, which includes motion detectors, alarm systems, molten metals/glass furnaces, lasers, and arc processes.  The far infrared rays of the spectrum have been employed as a dynamic healing therapy.
The higher the frequency in the electromagnetic field (EMF), the more readily it is absorbed by living things.  Yet even low frequency fields such as those emitted by power lines can have a powerful effect on the body.  Before the technological age, our ancestors were bathed only in the natural frequencies of the earth.  These included the earth’s intrinsic magnetic field, lightning, and visible light.  All living creatures are finely tuned to the earth’s energies and depend on them for survival.  The earth’s electrical and magnetic fields interact with one another and with all living species to support biological processes and instinctual behavior.  The earth itself is a huge bipolar magnet with a north and south pole and a central spinning core of molten iron and nickel.  Micropulsations in the 10 Hz range constantly radiate from the core, establishing a resonance to which all life responds.  The earth’s electromagnetic field is created by an intricate dance between the magnetic core, the charged gases of the ionosphere and the enormous power of solar winds emanating from the sun.  Every flash of lightning releases a huge burst of radio frequency energy that travels back and forth parallel to the earth’s magnetic field lines between the north and south poles before fading away.
The soil continually emits electrically charged particles into the air called ions.  On a clear day the earth emits a negative charge and the atmosphere has a positive charge.  On rainy days the particles are reversed.  The earth’s natural background voltage runs from 100 volts at the surface, increasing in altitude to 360,000 volts at the lowest layer of the ionosphere. (Shock potential is infinitesimal because there is no active current.)  This may be problematic for airline personnel who spend a lot of time out of the natural frequency range of earth.    Those who live or work in high-rise buildings can also be challenged by the electromagnetic fields associated with higher altitudes.  The phrase “down to earth” refers to the centered focus one achieves from being grounded on the earth.
The earth’s magnetic grid is composed of intersecting lines that run through the planet.  These are known as ley lines or dragon lines in some cultures, and were recognized by the ancients as essential to life.  Ley lines vary in intensity depending on the geophysical makeup of an area such as mineral deposits or underground streams, and the gravitational force exerted there.  Depending on location, the areas along these lines will either support life or be detrimental to it.  Geopathic stress refers to disharmonic energies in the earth or living space which can cause emotional or physical imbalance.  For example, there is a significant increase in cancer in people who live above large active underground aquifers.  The ancient geomancers knew how to find auspicious areas for the purpose of erecting homes, palaces or temples. Even today, dowsers tune into the grid to locate underground streams for drilling wells.  Sacred sites, ancient monoliths, some churches and energy vortex areas such as the Great Pyramid of Giza are located on ley lines that generate tremendous transformational energy and serve as inter-dimensional portals.
Humans and animals are extremely sensitive to magnetic fields.  In fact it has been discovered that within those species studied, including humans, certain tissues contain magnetite crystals which respond to the vibrations of the earth’s magnetic field.  Birds have magnetite imbedded around their eyes that helps them to stay on course during migration.  Fish have magnetite crystals along the sides of their bodies that signal them to swim in schools in a particular direction.  Humans have chains of magnetite crystals in brain tissue with high concentrations in the ethmoid bone around the sinuses, in the blood-brain barrier, and near the ophthalmic nerves which carry information to the brain.
All living organisms generate their own electromagnetic field which determines every metabolic function in the body, including nerve signal transmissions, cell division, nutrient transport, and physical and psychological response to external stimuli.  Generally, the cell’s membrane acts as an insulator from most external low-level electric fields.  Objects such as trees, rocks and houses act as shields against electric fields.  Unlike electrical fields, however, magnetic fields can penetrate anything that does not have a high iron content, including buildings and humans.  Magnetic fields can be deeply absorbed into the body, inducing electrical fields and currents inside living things that have a wide range of biological effects.
Due to the technological advances of this century, scientists estimate that we take in 200 trillion times more electromagnetic fields (EMF’s) each day than someone living prior to 1900.  In essence, every 15 seconds we are exposed to more EMF’s than our ancestors experienced in their entire lifetime.  Several hundred studies have been done to determine the biological effects of manmade electromagnetic fields.  Many point to the high rate of cancer in people who live near power lines.  In June, 1998, a committee convened by the U.S. National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences voted in favor of designating low-frequency EMF’s as a possible human carcinogen.
Recent studies of rats exposed to the kind of EMF radiation used in cell phones showed an increase in cancer compared to unexposed rats. In fact, there has been a significant increase in human brain cancer since more of the population began using cordless phones.  George Carlo, chairman of Wireless Technology Research, announced after six years of study that evidence was found linking wireless phone use with genetic damage in human blood and a statistically significant higher risk of neuroepithelial tumors. A major research project based at the University of Toronto recently found that children exposed to cell phones prenatally and before the age of two faced 2 ½ times the risk of getting leukemia before the age of 6.  Headaches, stress, depression, fatigue, poor memory,  and pressure in the ears and eyes are just some of the other symptoms associated with cell phone use.  More than 80 million Americans use a mobile phone with estimates that by 2002 another 30 million people will sign up for the service.  One can only imagine the long-term effects on the mass population since, for the first time in history, humans are holding a high-powered transmitter in the microwave range against the head.  It is interesting to note that more radiation is emitted from a cell phone, than the FDA allows for microwave oven emissions.
Television, America’s favorite leisure activity, is not the innocuous entertainment it appears to be.  In a TV electron guns are aimed from the inside of the set toward the screen directly at the viewer separated only by a phosphorous coating and the glass over the screen.  Since the area closest to the screen emits the highest radiation, it is recommended that the viewer sit at least 6 feet away from the TV, or better still, turn it off and unplug it!
Computers with a cathode ray tube inside the monitor have a radiation pattern similar to a television, except the user sits within 2 feet of the screen.  Fortunately, many U.S. manufacturers voluntarily adopted the strict Swedish MPRII guidelines for EMF emissions so it is now possible to find safer monitors.  Even so, emanations from the back of the monitor are much stronger than in front of the screen.
In light of the dramatic environmental changes we have experienced on a global scale in just a few decades, we are asked to summon our awareness and our own personal energies to maintain our balance.  From a technological standpoint, progressive and enlightened scientists have developed innovative devices to help protect us from the harmful electromagnetic fields we are exposed to in our daily lives.
The Sympathetic Resonance Technology developed by Clarus Products International offers one solution.  Their QLink pendants and ClearWave clocks work to neutralize the harmful effects of EMF’s that we are typically exposed to at home and in the workplace.  Consumers using these products have reported reduced stress and illness, increased energy and stamina, and more restorative sleep. Cell phone users can attach a specially formulated ceramic device called a Zeropa to their phone for protection from damaging microwave emissions.
Still, it is important to note that the birth of high-tech machinery mirrors what our own biocomputer is ultimately capable of.  We must remember that we, too, are frequency generators and have the power to modulate our own energies to a large degree. As we learn to adjust to our changing world, it is comforting to know that we always have our ally the earth to assist us in balancing our energy field.  A walk in the woods or by the ocean can quickly discharge frenetic stressful frequencies and harmonize our bioenergy field with the natural resonance of earth.