Most of us have had the experience of walking into a place and feeling a sense of uneasiness.  It could be someone’s home, an office, a store or even a plot of land.  When looking for a home to live in it is often the feel of the place that is the determining factor in our decision, regardless of the building structure or décor.  A building can be altered and redecorated to make it more comfortable as is typically done in Feng Shui, however it is the land itself that holds a particular energy that  permeates the structure and ultimately affects the well being of its inhabitants.

Geopathic stress is a term derived from the Greek words geo meaning of the earth and pathos meaning suffering or disease.  Geopathic  energies are natural radiations that rise up through the earth and are distorted by electromagnetic fields created by subterranean running water, fault lines, underground cavities, and certain mineral deposits.  The electromagnetic wavelength of these distorted energies can be harmful to humans, animals and plants with frequent or long-term exposure.

Man-made geopathic stress zones are created by mining, foundations for tall buildings, tunnels, underground transport systems, and public utilities for water and sewage.  Electromagnetic pollution from high tension power lines both above and under the ground, radio waves, microwaves from cellular phone towers and a multitude of electric appliances contribute to an environment that challenges our health.

Geopathic energies pass through walls, windows, floors and closed doors and can change according to the season or time of day.  Though invisible, they have a powerful effect on all living organisms.  Sleeping, living and working in geopathic areas often leads to emotional and physical problems.  Typically, people that live in such zones may have difficulty sleeping, strange dreams, wake frequently, or awaken tired, irritable, stiff and sore.  Illness is likely, and those suffering from chronic health problems don’t seem to respond to treatment, regardless of the type of therapy.  Family arguments and marital stress are common.  Irritability, fatigue, lack of tolerance and depression are often reported.  Children are cranky and restless and have difficulty studying.  Infertility or repeated miscarriages are also frequently reported in these zones.

Geopathic zones are commonly identified by dowsing an area with divining rods, a pendulum or kinesiology.  Some very sensitive people can feel these energies with their bodies alone.  Often the pulse rate will increase when time is spent in a geopathic zone.

In the early 1970’s engineer Jacob Stangler created the scintillometer instrument that could detect the presence of subterranean gamma radiation and measure the ionization of particles that emanate from underground water courses.  More recently Dr. Armin Bickel, a German Born scientist who worked for NASA, developed a supersensitive scintillation counter with a built-in computer that could pinpoint the presence of water, oil and minerals underground as far down as 10,000 feet.

Of particular concern to health are areas in the home which are located above the intersection of crossing underground streams.  In his book, “The Divining Hand” Christopher Bird describes some of the discoveries that were made by dowsers who specialized in locating geopathic zones in areas with a high incidence of disease.  In 1975 Herbert Douglas, a dowser in Vermont, was called to a home to check the area around the bed where a twelve-year-old girl with a double curvature of the spine had been sleeping since early childhood.  He found that the house had an unusual number of water veins flowing beneath it with 35 intersections of water veins under the child’s bed.  After moving the child’s bed to a part of the house free of underground water veins the child began to heal with less pain and a noticeable straightening of her spine.

Douglas also found that every person with arthritis that he checked was sleeping over water veins and that the part of the body that hurt was located exactly where the veins intersected.  He reported that every one of these patients who began sleeping in a new location experienced a substantial reduction or complete disappearance of arthritic pain within five days to three months. Douglas found similar findings in several cases of cancer with the part of the body afflicted located directly above where the water veins crossed.

Several studies linking underground radiations to disease have been done in Europe dating as far back as the 1800’s when dowsers found geopathic energies linked to livestock illness, infertility, aggressive behavior and low milk production.  In the 1920’s in Germany two researchers, Winzer and Melzer, discovered that areas of Stuttgart that were located above five major geological fault lines had the highest rates of cancer mortality.  In 1929, the German aristocrat Gustav Freherr von Pohl began the first systematic study of human cancer and its link to noxious telluric (earth) radiation under the watchful eye of government officials.  He dowsed the entire Bavarian community of Vilsbiburg with 8,500 inhabitants.  He plotted on a map what he felt were the areas where cancer would most likely occur based on his findings.  This was compared to a map made by the town’s medical examiner noting the locations where cancer patients lived, finding them to be in exact correlation.

Houses in geopathic zones often don’t sell and a string of homes in the same neighborhood may be for sale at the same time.  People move out of these homes because they don’t feel well and can’t seem to settle there.  Frequent accidents will also occur in geopathic zones.

Offices, factories and schools located in geopathic zones experience high absenteeism with a myriad of personnel and productivity problems.  Students can’t seem to sit still and behavior problems ensue.  Stores and restaurants in these zones fail to prosper because customers don’t feel comfortable there.  One can just imagine the kinds of problems that might occur in hospitals situated on geopathic zones where the presence of healing energy is crucial to recovery.

Animal and plant life will also be affected in these zones, with trees growing at an angle in the same direction as if attempting to grow away from the disturbance.  Some plants and animals actually are attracted to geopathic areas, while others are weakened by them.  Roses, azaleas, pine trees, celery and some fruit trees struggle in these zones, while asparagus, mushrooms, oak trees, elms, and elderberry thrive in them.  Bacteria and molds proliferate in geopathic zones, causing accelerated spoilage of food, however a geopathic zone is the ideal place to establish a compost pile.

Like humans, dogs and horses are negatively affected in geopathic areas but cats love them.  Stray cats will congregate on such a property and often choose to sleep in a geopathically stressed area of the house even if it is dark and drafty.  Bees, ants and beetles are attracted to geopathic zones, and houses that are plagued by these creatures are often found to be located in these areas.

Though modern science still does not recognize the presence of geopathic zones and their impact on health, our ancestors relied on their knowledge and intuition of locational energies when establishing a village or homesite. Chinese geomancers were skilled in identifying the most auspicious places to build a structure based on these principles.  Rolf Gordon, founder of the Dulwich Health Society remarked that gypsies rarely get cancer because they move from place to place with only short-term exposure to a particular area and they take into account the feel of the place.

Though the logical response would be to move from a geopathic stress zone, this is not always possible.  Fortunately there are other solutions that can successfully change the energies in a home or property to restore emotional and physical balance to those who dwell there.  Devices such as copper rods and coils or crystals strategically placed in specific areas of the property can dramatically alter the negative effects of earth energies.  Geometric symbols, aluminum foil, metal plates, mirrors and other devices can also be used.  Special ceramic tabs are available to attach to cell phones, computers, appliances and even to wear for protection against harmful electromagnetic fields.  Furniture and beds where people spend a lot of time can be moved to safer areas.

I personally discovered the presence of geopathic energies in my own home as a result of chronic health challenges experienced by my family over a period of 7 years.  Suspecting geopathic stress as a possible factor, I consulted a professional dowser who identified precise geopathic zones from site and floor plans that I provided him.  After making the recommended corrections, the difference has been amazing.  One device, called a Safe Space III was inserted in the ground in a location where a number of geopathic zones intersected. This device consisting of a copper pipe filled with various crystalline substances, sacred geometric symbols and biosignatures can clear and heal a 200-acre area of geopathic emanations, harmful electromagnetic fields, and negative psychic energies.

Awareness of geopathic stress as a potential contributing factor to dis-ease can reveal answers to some of the most puzzling and challenging health conditions.  As energetic beings we are never separate from the energy of our environment.