We all know that water is essential for life. Without it there would be no life as we know it on earth. Humans are made up predominantly of water. At birth the body is nearly 90% water, declining as we age to about 70% at midlife and below 50% after age 60. It is not difficult to see that aging has a lot to do with dehydration. Water delivers nutrients to our cells, transports toxic waste out of the body, and balances our electromagnetic field. It is estimated that just to maintain health we need to drink half of our weight in ounces of water per day. Of course this can’t be just any water. It must be purified of the toxins which are so prevalent in our environment. But is this enough to keep our water vital for the health of earth and its inhabitants?

As it turns out, water is not just a combination of hydrogen and oxygen as its chemical formula H2O would suggest. Water carries a life force all its own which, when vibrantly alive, imparts this vitality to all of life. Water has its own life cycle which it must complete in order to sustain the vital force that nourishes us.

There are many theories about the origin of water. A recent theory presented by Louis Frank at the University of Iowa, is that 40 billion years ago water came to earth in the form of comets containing balls of water and ice weighing a hundred tons or more, and this phenomenon is still occurring today. As the ice balls penetrate the earth’s atmosphere, the heat of the sun evaporates them and turns them into gas particles which mix with the air in the earth’s atmosphere and fall to the earth as rain or snow. The falling water washes the earth, seeping deep into the ground collecting energy and minerals, and then rises to the surface again up through the mountains and underground springs, coursing down streams and rivers and back to the ocean. It is this energized nutrient-rich water that makes life possible. In fact, life actually began in the vast bodies of ocean water. Through evaporation from the heat of the sun, water then makes its journey back up into the atmosphere where it forms clouds and falls to earth once again as rain or snow. Carbon dioxide is carried by water from the atmosphere down to the earth. Powered by solar rays, photosynthesis occurs which produces oxygen, thus creating a perfectly balanced ecosystem. The oxygen interacts with the ultraviolet rays from the sun, encasing the earth and its life forms in a protective sheath known as the ozone layer.

For eons life flourished and evolved with the aid of the pure living water that bathed the earth, nourishing and cleansing all it came in contact with. Our ancestors revered this life-giving substance and respected its power. Places where water emerged from the earth through underground springs were known as sacred, and temples were built around them. These waters were rich in minerals and vital energy that provided healing to those who drank from and bathed in them. However, as we are all aware, the situation is vastly different now. Most of earth’s water has been devitalized and polluted by the irreverent acts of modern man, and the vitality of our planet is being threatened as never before since the beginning of recorded history.

One brilliant man, an Austrian forester named Viktor Schauberger, born under the water sign of Cancer in 1885, devoted his life to studying the forces of nature. As recorded in the book, “Living Water” by Olaf Alexandersson, Viktor was both awed and concerned by what he learned. Known as the “Water Magician”, Viktor’s astute observations led him to understandings of the nature of water that confounded the scientists of his day. His unorthodox theories resulted in his ridicule from those established scientists and academicians who derived their theories in the laboratory away from the natural environment. By living and working in the forest, Viktor was able to observe the behavior and movement of water during the different cycles of day and night and through the seasons. He observed that water always flowed in a spiral pattern meandering through natural waterways that curved along the earth’s terrain, much like the way blood flows through the human body. In fact he often referred to water as earth’s blood, serving the same function on the earth as our blood does, bringing nutrients to the soil and plants and washing away impurities. He also conjectured that the earth’s bipolar magnetic field enlivened the water and influenced its directional course.

Viktor noticed that there existed an inherent energy in the vortices of water flows that would enable trout to swim upstream and leap huge distances into the air. He determined that water was at its greatest density and highest energy at 4 degrees Celsius (39 degrees Fahrenheit), and that salmon and trout would drive themselves to these sources where the surrounding vegetation was the healthiest and most beautiful. These highly energized waterways were characterized by winding curves and shaded banks that protected the water from too much direct sunlight.   In contrast, areas of the forest that had been thinned by loggers, depleting the protective mantle of forest, presented a very different picture. In these once lush areas formerly protected by the shade from old growth trees, springs dried up from the heat of the sun, removing the primary source of nutrients for vegetation. Viktor called the forest the cradle for living water and likened it to the earth’s protective skin. He was deeply troubled for the future of mankind as he watched modern forestry methods, logging and destructive technology degrade this vital natural resource and the quality of water that resulted. In the 1920’s and 1930’s Viktor prophesied that “There would come a time when a bottle of water would cost more than a bottle of wine.”

Viktor believed that the way that water was collected and transported for human consumption was harmful and would likely cause disease. He considered water transported in straight courses through metal and concrete pipes to be dead water, encouraging the growth of pathogens and cancer, and taking energy from those who drank it instead of giving energy. As a solution, he proposed using specially treated wooden pipes surrounded by sand to prevent deterioration. He would then insert pure copper or silver spiral devices to encourage the natural spiraling motion of water flow. The authorities thought his ideas were ludicrous. He also did not advocate drinking water pumped by pressure from deep underneath the ground, explaining that it was immature water, and not yet ready for consumption. He preferred drinking fresh pure spring water which was enlivening, containing dissolved salts and gases derived from matter of high carbon content.

Viktor was also a great inventor and a relentless critic of modern technology which he considered harmful to nature. He said, “We must first understand nature, then copy it.” Viktor considered the accepted combustion energy technology that used fossil fuels and heat to create energy from explosions to be wasteful and destructive to the environment.   Instead, he applied his knowledge of nature to design “implosion technology” by using what he called the natural “cycloid [spiral] form of motion” and biomagnetism to produce energy from water and air. In his experiments, the energy produced could actually levitate objects. Viktor would say that birds do not fly; they are flown by this cycloid form of motion that provides lift to their wings from the air. Hitler was intrigued by Viktor’s unorthodox methods, and during World War II he was ordered to design aircraft and submarine engines, and even a flying saucer using his implosion technology.

Research from Viktor’s discoveries has been carried on by his son and other forward thinking scientists, and his theories are now more widely accepted. Another European water researcher and scientist who studied nature, Johann Grander, stated “In normal conditions water flows either on the surface of the earth or deep underground, always seeking a natural course. In our water supply system, however, the water is collected and forced through pipelines under pressure. At this stage, the water suffers serious aggression for the first time. The high pressures are highly detrimental to the liquid. The water is then further contaminated by the addition of powerful chemicals such as chlorine. However we use it, the water eventually finds its way back to nature through the drains. We collect clean water from nature and return it soiled and sick.”

According to an article in the November 1998 issue of Scientific American, “the unique structure of water…allows water to ‘manage’ the electric charges of other molecules…The behavior of water is a direct consequence of the energetic relations among the water molecules, such as acids, salts, sugars and the various regions of proteins and DNA.” The article goes on to say that due to the high composition of water in the body, water molecules can “penetrate deeply into DNA’s double helical structure and stabilize it.”

Research has shown that when water is depleted of its natural charge the atoms spin to the right, while charged water spins to the left. The double helix of DNA spins to the left, while cancer cells spin to the right. In an effort to enliven and “structure” water to what it was in its original state, magnets have been used to restore what was once a natural magnetism to water. Geophysicists estimate that the earth has lost half its magnetic force over the last 50,000 years. While the earth’s magnetism was once at .10 gauss, it is now at .05 gauss. Magnetic pads with a bipolar charge of .10 guass are available now to place under or around water containers. These containers should be either glass with plastic lids or hard plastic water bottles that do not leach chemicals into the water. Some sources state that using these pads is better than placing magnets of a higher gauss on water pipes.

Bipolar magnetized water was first used in Russia by three urologists, Drs. Gerbenschikow, Shetsov, and Tovstoles. They found that having their patients drink magnetized water was very effective in breaking up kidney and gall bladder stones so that they could be passed without pain, and preventing formation of the stones. Soviet physicians have been giving magnetized water to patients for over 30 years for digestive, urinary and nervous system problems, mastitis, and other painful and inflammatory conditions. While drinking mineralized water can actually clog arteries, magnetized water helps to remove arterial plaque and cholesterol. Magnetized water has also been shown to reduce dental plaque and stimulate plants to grow at twice the typical rate of growth.

According to health practitioner Hugh Smith, Ph.D., drinking water that has been charged by .10 guass bipolar magnets improves the quality of blood within minutes after drinking it. He has used phase contrast microscopy as a tool to observe live blood cells before and after drinking bipolar magnetized water. His observations have shown that within three minutes after drinking one glass of magnetized water, blood cells that were previously clumped together and stressed became separated and free flowing, allowing for increased oxygen and nutrient absorption.

Dr. Smith also found that drinking magnetized water raises the body’s pH (up to a full point within minutes), which is essential to health. Other benefits are enhanced digestion and elimination of toxins, reversal of free radical damage, increased metabolism and weight management, increased energy and vitality, and smoother better tasting water due to the natural reduction in surface tension. Herbal liquids and oils can also be magnetized.

Perhaps the most extraordinary findings on water have come from Japanese researcher, Dr. Masaru Emoto, author of “The Hidden Messages in Water” and other books, and featured in the film “What’s the Bleep”. Dr. Emoto gathered samples of water from many locations around the world and examined ice crystals from these sources under magnification. He then photographed the crystals, noting how different factors affected the formation and types of crystals that appeared in the water.

One of the first things Dr. Emoto noticed was the vast difference in crystal formation from “living water” taken from clean natural water sources such as springs and waterfalls which formed beautiful vibrant crystals, and the lack of or deformed shape of crystals evident in tap water that had been treated with chlorine. He then experimented with the affects of music on water crystals, finding that exposure to classical music, as well as some melodic jazz and Beatles music resulted in beautiful “harmonic” crystal formation, while heavy metal music with violent lyrics led to chaotic, misshapen, unattractive crystals.

Dr. Emoto was intrigued by the water’s ability to hold the consciousness of its surroundings in its structure and went on to experiment with “showing” water photographs of both pleasant and disturbing images, getting similar results as he did with music. Positive uplifting images resulted in beautiful crystals, while the negative photos created unpleasant looking crystals. He also found that emotions and thoughts presented as written or spoken words, and even telepathically, had a dramatic effect on water crystals. As you would expect, words of love, gratitude and praise had a harmonizing, healing effect on the water producing crystals of great beauty, while words of anger and hate were extremely “damaging” to the water, resulting in deformities and imbalances in the crystals. Dr. Emoto discovered that “gratitude” formed even more beautiful crystals than “love”, and that of all of the words that were delivered to water, “love and gratitude” given together yielded the most elaborate exquisite patterns. In contrast, crystals from water exposed to cell phones and microwaves were barely formed or irregularly shaped as if sick. Similar experiments have been performed on rice, with rice given love staying viable for extended periods of time, and rice treated with hatred becoming moldy at an accelerated rate.

One of Dr. Emoto’s most profound experiments took place at the murky lake by Fujiwara Dam in Japan. Photographs of crystals from this water were taken before and after a Shinto priest performed a healing prayer over the water for one hour.  Within fifteen minutes after the incantation, all who were present observed that the water was noticeably clearer, while the quality of crystals was also significantly higher after the prayer. Even more riveting was that crystal photos taken before the prayer revealed a shape like a woman’s face contorted in pain. Shortly after the prayer was performed, the body of a woman who had drowned in the lake rose to the surface!

Dr. Emoto’s experiments clearly reveal how water is truly alive, reflecting the consciousness of everything and everyone it interacts with. Since we are made up primarily of water, one can easily surmise how we are affected by our environment, our own thoughts and feelings, and the thoughts and emotions of those we encounter. As Dr. Emoto has so eloquently stated, “Water is the mirror of the soul. It has many faces, formed by aligning itself with the consciousness of human beings.” We can learn from the messages water has shown us and become more conscious of our impact on water, each other and the world.